Aori – AdWords optimization tool

Adwords optimization tool

Aori – AdWords optimization tool Featuring an interview with Schultz William of Aori, an intelligent AdWords optimization tool Tell us about aori. Aori is an AdWords companion tool that helps users create high-performing search campaigns. We created Aori because we fell in love with the campaign structure called “single keyword ad groups” or SKAGs. The result with this approach is an exact match between the search term, the keyword and the ad groups — then costs per click go down and conversions go up. This increase in performance users get when using…

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Fleep – Messaging with baked-in lightweight collaboration tools

Fleep software

Fleep – Messaging and collaboration software Featuring an interview with Nicola Rosenthal, CMO at Fleep to learn more about their team messaging app. What is and how did you got the idea to create such a product? Fleep combines messaging with baked-in lightweight collaboration tools. Unlike competitors, it works across multiple teams and organisations and integrates with any email client making it arguably the most flexible communication solution for any business. Fleep is designed to radically improve the way you work with colleagues and partners by allowing you to organise…

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Satelytics – Big data analytics for oil & gas, pipeline, power and water

Satelytics – Big data analytics software Featuring an interview with Dan Paquette, Digital Content Coordinator at Satelytics, a big data tool that allows you to monitor your assets on the ground. Tell us about Satelytics. Satelytics is a big data analytics software-as-a-service. We take in large volumes of multi and hyperspectral imagery—often terabytes—from satellite or aerial sources, run them through complex processing algorithms on our cloud-based platform, and render the data into dashboards, charts, tables, maps, and insights that businesses can use to make operational decisions. Imagery sources can include satellite,…

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Innago – Property Management Software


Innago – Property Management Software Featuring interview with Dave Spooner, Co-Founder of Innago Tell us about Innago Innago is Tenant and Property Management Software designed for small to mid-sized landlords. List some of the best features of Innago? We enable landlords to collect rent online, sign leases digitally, store documents online, accept maintenance requests, run screening reports (credit and background checks), and better communicate with their tenants. We also provide tenants their own dedicated login portal, giving them a more professional and accessible experience. How benefitial is Innago for businesses. Innago…

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Jelastic Platform as a Service for Developers with Cross-Cloud Deployment

Jelastic – PaaS for developers with Cross-Cloud Deployment Yulia Shevchenko of Jelastic, a DevOps PaaS and CaaS for internal development of ISVs and Hosting businesses provided us the following information about their product. Tell us about Jelastic Jelastic is a robust solution for the cloud market – hosting providers, enterprises and developers – combining the benefits of PaaS and CaaS in a single turnkey package. Its rich interface simplifies complex cloud deployments by automating the creation, scaling, clustering and security updates of microservices or monolithic applications. Jelastic has a unique…

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Roguelytics: On-page Analytics for those without a Ph.D in Data Science

Roguelytics Web Analytics tool

Roguelytics: On-page web analytics to interpret real-time user behaviour and activity We reached out to Roguelytics to learn more about their product. Rachel Geraci of the New York based Web analytics Startup helped us with the following information. Tell us about Roguelytics. Roguelytics is areal-time on-page analytics platform for companies and business users that don’t have a PhD in Data Science. Roguelytics provides meaningful business insights to decision makers from opaque web data. What is the need in the market for such a solution? Right now if a business owner purchases analytics…

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The best way to choose an office environment is to think about what it is that you wish to achieve – Nisha Garigarn,Croissant

Croissant Coworking Space

Croissant – Coworking app to book office space on the go We are excited to feature this interview with Nisha Garigarn, Co-Founder of Croissant Tell us about how it works at Croissant to book a coworking space? As a Croissant member, you’re able to see all available coworking spaces in real time. All you have to do is pick a coworking space nearby, check to make sure there’s a seat available, and then when you arrive, Check in with the app. You’ll get instant access to the coworking space and its…

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Microsoft Future Decoded, London, November 2017

Microsoft Future Decoded Event

Microsoft Future Decoded, London 31st October & 1st November 2017 Venue ExCeL London, One Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London, E16 1XL Official Website – Picks from Microsoft Future Decoded Agenda 1.Welcome to the Quantum Age 2. The Open Cloud with Canonical, Docker and Cloudera 3. Session 1 – Azure State of the Nation Today 4. Session 2 – The future of the Platform and an introduction to and a demo of AI 5. Session 3- Getting Going on Azure Solutions -Practical Steps to continuing your cloud journey Community Meet-ups…

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Intervals – Time tracking and Task Management Tool

Time tracking tool

Intervals – Time tracking, Task management and Project management tool Tell us about Intervals and how did you got the idea to work on such a product? Our company was founded in 2000 as a web development company.  Intervals was originally an internal project to help us manage our client work more efficiently.  We built Intervals to solve our own struggles juggling a lot of projects and details and billing for all of our time.  After using it internally we had some other companies want to use it, so we made…

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Zenkit – Project management & team collaboration tool


Zenkit – Project Management Software We reached out to Zenkit,a Project Management Software and team collaboration tool. Patrick and Eric provided the following information. Tell us about Zenkit and what was the need in the market for such a product? There is a wide range of available tools for project management that all serve different purposes (like eg. Trello (Kanban Board), Scapple (Mind Map) etc.) But what if you want to use many tools in one go? That is where Zenkit comes in. Zenkit combines all your favorite data views…

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GitKraken – Git GUI client for Windows, Mac, and Linux


GitKraken – Git GUI Client  We reached out to GitKraken, a Git GUI Client to learn more about their product. Lauren Goldfish who works for Axosoft and Sara Breeding, Director of Marketing at Axosoft helped me with the information. About GitKraken GitKraken is a stunningly beautiful cross-platform Git GUI client (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux). It’s version control software that works rapidly because changes are made to your repository locally. Push your changes to your remote repository when you and your team are ready. We take great pride in GitKraken’s…

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Nybbl – eCommerce software for Restaurants


Nybbl – eCommerce software for Restaurants Featuring an interview with Nic Davies, CEO of Nybbl. What is Nybbl? Nybbl is an ecommerce platform that we built specifically for restaurants and cafes. What are the best features of Nybbl? The best features are the fully customisable storefront, which the restaurants can completely style their sites. Another feature is the various payment methods we have implemented, with more on the way. What difference does Nybbl bring to a restaurant having a static website? Nybbl was actually born from the frustration from not being…

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Azendoo – Task management and Team collaboration solution


Azendoo – Team Collaboration Solution We reached out to Azendoo for an interview. Victor Lebret who works for the organization provided us the following information on one of the leading task management and team collaboration solution – Azendoo. Azendoo is a collaborative task management solution, helping companies to get work done! The product focuses on two key collaboration pillars: work management and team communication. Team Azendoo, is made up of 15 bubbly personalities all working together in a vibrant start-up environment. Our head office is based in Darwin on the…

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Spring Microservices in Action by John Carnell

Spring Microservices in Action Book

Author interview – Spring Microservices in Action Honoured to feature an interview with John Carnell, Author of the book, Spring Microservices in Action. John is also a Team Lead & Senior Cloud Engineer in Genesys’s PureCloud division. Tell us about yourself and how you got interested in writing? I am a software developer first and foremost. While I have played multiple roles in my career (System Administration,Manager, Architect) I have always included writing code as one of my core competencies. I first started writing software on my Commodore 64 when I was…

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Commence CRM Software

Commence CRM

Commence – Customer Relationship Management Software Featuring interview with Larry Caretsky, President, Commence Corporation to learn more about Commence CRM Software. Tell us about Commence and how has the CRM evolved over the years? The product was original designed as a customizable program for contact management and sales, but has evolved into a complete solution for managing all front office operations. A central data base allows customers to capture, track, manage and share vital customer information with the people and departments that need it to efficiently do their jobs. Today,…

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Create newsletters quickly using Ludlow that automatically curates content for you

AI Newsletter Creator

Ludlow – AI powered robot that automatically curates Newsletter content Featuring interview with Jace, founder of  What is Ludlow? On the surface – Ludlow lets you create and send a newsletter in minutes. It does this by suggesting articles for you based on selected topics and then automatically creating your newsletter. It’s a tool to increase lead generation for services businesses and it saves a ton of time. Beneath the surface – Ludlow is a machine learning recommendation engine powered by users’ newsletter interactions. This aggregated data allows Ludlow’s…

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Paperform – Online form builder with payment integration


Paperform – Online form builder with Payment integration Most founder’s and Tech Entrepreneurs we reach out for an interview are too busy that they hardly take time to answer in detail.  The more precise and eloborate  the answers are the better it is for a prospect to take the right decision – Choosing the product. We strive to market SaaS and Enterprise IT solutions through story telling of your product and Startup. This is the first interview on with detailed information by the Co-founder of Paperform What is Paperform…

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EventTech 2017 -Experiential marketing event in November, The Paris, Las Vegas

EventTech 2017 – The Paris, Las Vegas Using social media, Tech to enhance live experiences Official Website – EventTech 2017 Date – November 13-15, 2017  Venue – The Paris, Las Vegas EventTech 2017 is the Experiential Marketing’s largest event technologies demo lab! List of few Conference Programmes planned for EventTech 2017.  Workshop: eSports Activating the world’s fastest-growing event platform Workshop: VR + AR: The next chapter of interactive experiences Speakers Ian Dawson, President, IDGRAFX, Joe Luchesse, Creator, Pro-Ject, Jeff Nicholas, VP, Creative Director and Director, VR Creative + Production, Live Nation…

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Techweek New York – Conference in October 2017, New York, USA

Techweek New York

Techweek New York Official Website – Techweek New York Date: 16-20 Oct 2017 Location: New York, USA Key Programmes planned at Techweek New York Conference Schedule 1. Kickoff party by BCG Digital Ventures 2. Education and the Blockchain by Rak Chugh 3. Exploring Today’s Cyber World: Breaches, Biometrics, and the Current State of Cybersecurity You’ll hear from 3 influential cybersecurity technology companies that are leading innovations in the space, they include – George Avetisov, CEO and cofounder of HYPR Corp. Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra C-level Executive (TBD), One World Identity (OWI)…

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SessionCam – Reveal valuable insights in your website visitors’ behavior

Website Visitors Behaviour

An intelligent assistant that understands customer frustration What is SessionCam? SessionCam is the easiest way to identify and solve user experience and conversion rate issues. It is an intelligent assistant that understands customer frustration and reveals the most valuable insights in your website visitors’ behavior. It unlocks new opportunities for growth while saving you time and money. List some of the key features of SessionCam Say hello to behavioral analytics Instantly uncover points of frustration thanks to the Customer Struggle score Your website’s biggest issues and opportunities for growth automatically…

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Umbraco CMS – Content Management System that fits your needs

Umbraco CMS

Umbraco CMS – Open Source Content Management System in .Net Interview with Eric Frost, who works at Umbraco HQ to learn more about the Content Management System. Irrespective of Umbraco being popular, many Corporates are still unaware of a sleak CMS platform like Umbraco which made me request for an interview. What is Umbraco? Tell us how it has evolved over these years? Umbraco is a Content Management System that is free for everyone to use. It is based on .Net technology and is supported by the friendliest community in the…

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RecurPost – Automatically share your best social media updates

RecurPost – Social Media Management: Auto share your best posts Featuring interview with Dinesh Agarwal, founder of RecurPost. What is Recurpost? RecurPost is a software tool that automatically shares your updates at a perfect frequency thereby saving you hours every week and increasing your engagement. It allows you to share the same updates at a predefined frequency so that you don’t have to schedule it manually. Who are the intended users of RecurPost? RecurPost helps small to medium businesses who cannot afford to hire a dedicated social media person. We have…

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Jovo – Build Voice Apps for Alexa and Google Assistant with only one code base

Jovo tech

Jovo – Build Cross-Platform Voice Apps – Alexa Skills, Google Home & Google Assistant Featuring an interview with Jan König, Co-Founder of Jovo.Tech which enables you to build Voice Apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. What is Jovo? Jovo is the first open-source development framework for cross-platform apps that work on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Instead of having to build and maintain separate code bases, developers can now create one that works on both voice platforms. List some key features of Jovo Cross-platform development for Amazon Alexa…

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MailTag – Free eMail tracking for Gmail

Mailtag Gmail email opens tracking

Free eMail tracking solution for Gmail  There are several situations when you would be wondering if your emails have actually been read by the receiver. This is crucial if you are using email for business. Simple email tracking solution like MailTag is built to solve this problem. We interviewed Alex Edson, CEO of – Free email tracking solution for Gmail. Tell us about In simple terms, MailTag is free real-time email tracking, made easy. List some of the best features of Mailtag. Too many to list them all! But here are…

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Six principles of UX Design – Anton Mircea

Anton Mircea

SoftwareProductGuide.Com will also feature professionals from Tech industry in “Enlightened Experience”. Here’s our first interview with a London based UX Design Consultant, Anton Mircea. Tell us about yourself I am a UX designer living in London, I have a multidisciplinary skill set that integrates creative knowledge with technical and business expertise. I master the best and most current design tools in the industry alongside having a strong understanding of and ability to perceive human nature and human behavior. I’m a critical thinker with an open mind, a communicator and a facilitator.…

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