Aori – AdWords optimization tool

Adwords optimization tool

Aori – AdWords optimization tool

Featuring an interview with Schultz William of Aori, an intelligent AdWords optimization tool

Tell us about aori.

Aori is an AdWords companion tool that helps users create high-performing search campaigns. We created Aori because we fell in love with the campaign structure called “single keyword ad groups” or SKAGs. The result with this approach is an exact match between the search term, the keyword and the ad groups — then costs per click go down and conversions go up.

This increase in performance users get when using this structure is well documented. But it can be difficult to scale up and then to maintain at scale. So, we decided to make a tool that would do it for us.

List some of the best features of aori.

1. SKAG campaign creator: in minutes create tens/hundreds/thousands of ads and sync them to your AdWords account
2. Key phrase builder tool: this creates every possible combination of keywords and key phrases — also considering all the different match types.
3. Dashboard: users can connect all of their AdWords accounts and get an overview of what is happening with each one.
4. Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) that can manage keywords and key phrases.

How beneficial is aori for Advertisers? Could you please provide couple of use cases?

Basically Aori is offering an account structure and optimizations of these accounts, so the applications are limitless. Aori reduces time-consuming tasks, so we have found it to be valuable to AdWords advertisers.

Who are the intended users of aori?

We see Aori most beneficial to digital marketers and smaller digital marketing agencies. Also small businesses who are managing their own AdWords campaigns would be a good fit. From some feedback we’ve received, larger agencies could find a use for Aori as well.

Adwords optimization tool
Aori – Adwords optimization tool

Share few words on Product Management and UX design process adopted by aori team.

Design thinking was always at the forefront of our approach. We want to make sure we are creating a product we know people want, and one that they will want to keep using. To achieve this we constantly communicated with our first users, and before that, people we knew who would be most interested in our tool. This really drove both our product management and UX processes.

What Advertising trends do you expect to happen in the near future.

Like in many other areas, the development and application of AI is very exciting in the adtech/martech sphere. We are especially to see the how neural networks can be used for text analysis and generation.

What is your pricing strategy?

Our pricing strategy is growth focused now. Compared to other AdWords companion tools out there, we are are priced very low just because we want to attract more users.

Where is aori located and how does the city’s Startup and tech ecosystem benefit you?​

We are mostly working out of a coworking space in NYC. Of course the vibrant adtech and martech startup scene in NYC is a huge asset. For us, Just being able to go to meetups and bounce ideas off of like-minded people is the greatest benefit.

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