Azendoo – Task management and Team collaboration solution


Azendoo – Team Collaboration Solution

We reached out to Azendoo for an interview. Victor Lebret who works for the organization provided us the following information on one of the leading task management and team collaboration solution – Azendoo.

Azendoo is a collaborative task management solution, helping companies to get work done! The product focuses on two key collaboration pillars: work management and team communication.

Team Azendoo, is made up of 15 bubbly personalities all working together in a vibrant start-up environment. Our head office is based in Darwin on the right bank of Bordeaux, France!

With a presence in over 60 countries and 800 clients across all sectors, Azendoo has helped over 300,000 users gain time and improve their daily productivity!

Azendoo is part of The Family and has raised over 2M$ funding to date.

Last February 2017 Azendoo was chosen to take part in the Cisco Acceleration Program which enables the Bordeaux start-up to benefit from Cisco’s vast client database, technical support and experience. Azendoo proudly attended various events as a Cisco partner, most notably VivaTech Paris 2017!

Azendoo – Task Management Solution

Azendoo Vision

Azendoo’s goal is to enhance team collaboration and productivity within companies. With a mix of centralised communication and work tracking (task management and document sharing),Azendoo greatly improves transparency within teams, vastly reduces the amount of emails sent between team members and improves teamwork by simplifying daily project management.

Visuals bellow: product photos here, Azendoo usage, boards

What’s Unique about Azendoo? 

The app has native integrations with other tools such as Evernote, Google, Slack, Box, etc. Azendoo integrates with over 700 applications.

Azendoo is simple to understand and can be rolled out in every department within an organisation, easily and without any input needed from the IT department.

Team’s can create a collaborative space in a couple of click and manage all types of team projects. Some project management softwares are heavy and complicated to use – Azendoo is light and easy to use on a daily basis.

Which companies are using Azendoo – Team colloborative tool?

Azendoo has a vast array of companies as references: from multinational enterprises to start-ups.

Companies such as: Coca-Cola, Nike or Netflix run their teams on Azendoo.

Azendoo event
Azendoo event photos

What was your inspiration behind Azendoo?

Azendoo was born from the willingness to improve the way we work in the team and bring happiness back into our daily work. Prior to Azendoo, we worked more than 15 years in the software industry. We were managing large international teams, spread out across countries and disciplines. At some point, we realized that something was wrong. We were spending more time doing work about work than actually getting stuff done. We couldn’t find the tools that would help us fix this and spend less time in our email inboxes by organizing our teamwork smartly.

That’s why, in 2010, we decided to quit our jobs and work on Azendoo to invent the future of work – not just for tech-savvy people, but for all of us – build around simplicity and efficiency.

“Clients are still looking for solutions that let them send less emails and plan more easily”

(Information provided from Lifehacker article titled – Behind The App: The Story Of Azendoo)

What makes your product different from competitors?

Finding a rare balance between being a project management tool and a communication device. Unlike its major competitor its place is between team communication and tasks delegation

“We try to avoid complexity — Azendoo manages your tasks and your projects very easily. It can manage your communication if you want.”

Azendoo Screenshots

Azendoo – Team colloboration solution screnshots
Azendoo Design and Marketing dashboards

More information about Azendoo

Azendoo co-founders:

Greg Lefort,

Benoit Droulin &

Chris Gagin.

 Azendoo Deck

Azendoo team collaboration solution video

Azendoo Trello import video

Azendoo Task Boards – Trello Import from Azendoo on Vimeo.

Website –

Twitter – Azendoo

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