Satelytics – Big data analytics for oil & gas, pipeline, power and water

Satelytics – Big data analytics software Featuring an interview with Dan Paquette, Digital Content Coordinator at Satelytics, a big data tool that allows you to monitor your assets on the ground. Tell us about Satelytics. Satelytics is a big data analytics software-as-a-service. We take in large volumes of multi and hyperspectral imagery—often terabytes—from satellite or aerial sources, run them through complex processing algorithms on our cloud-based platform, and render the data into dashboards, charts, tables, maps, and insights that businesses can use to make operational decisions. Imagery sources can include satellite,…

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Roguelytics: On-page Analytics for those without a Ph.D in Data Science

Roguelytics Web Analytics tool

Roguelytics: On-page web analytics to interpret real-time user behaviour and activity We reached out to Roguelytics to learn more about their product. Rachel Geraci of the New York based Web analytics Startup helped us with the following information. Tell us about Roguelytics. Roguelytics is areal-time on-page analytics platform for companies and business users that don’t have a PhD in Data Science. Roguelytics provides meaningful business insights to decision makers from opaque web data. What is the need in the market for such a solution? Right now if a business owner purchases analytics…

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MonkeyData Omnichannel Retail Analytics and Metrics for eCommerce business

Monkey Data Analytics

MonkeyData – Retail Analytics Software to grow your business Featuring an interview with Audrey Jones, Customer Happiness Specialist at MonkeyData to learn more about their Omnichannel retail analytics Software. Tell us about MonkeyData MonkeyData is the all-in-one analytics application helping retail & online businesses gain deep insights on all areas of their business. With more integrations than any other analytics platform in the world, MonkeyData provides clients with business optimization materials, and helps them understand their customers. After the one-click integration, the app allow clients to monitor their sales and marketing…

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