Tidio Chat – Live Chat Solution

Tidio Chat

Tidio Chat – Free Live Chat Solution Interview featuring Tidio Live Chat Software Solution. What problems does Tidio solve? Tidio is a communicator tool (think live chat + more) allowing website’s owners (i.e. e-commerce) to communicate in real time with their visitors, providing immediate solutions to questions their visitors might encounter. List the prominent features of Tidio – Integrating live chat widget + Messenger queries + Emails in a singular dashboard; – Access via both mobile and desktop devices; – Automated messages sent without operator’s interference; – In a couple…

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Best Live Chat Software

Best Live Chat Software for Websites Embedding a Live Chat software is one of the best Customer Support Solution for Small Business, Corporates and Startups  1. Tidio Chat Product Guide – Tidio Chat – Live Chat Solution A simple and sleek Live Chat Software for websites. Tidio has everything in one product – Live Chat, Messenger and Email for you to easily communicate with your customers. Outbound messages can be sent automatically when ever a customer gets into any problems while ordering. You can also add new triggers and create unlimited actions.…

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When building a product don’t assume too many things on your own: Shyjal, Collect.Chat

Collect Chat

Featuring an interview on Product Management with Shyjal raazi of Collect.Chat  Tell us about Collect.Chat Collect chat is an interactive chat widget that collects data from website visitors by asking questions that are scripted – 24/7, fully on auto-pilot. Creator gets an email alert (or a web hook) when a visitor completes the question set.It’s like Intercom and Typeform packed into one intuitive widget. Anyone can build a chatbot and install it on websites with zero coding knowledge using collect.chat’s simple dashboard. Some of our features are – Make user interactions…

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