GitKraken – Git GUI client for Windows, Mac, and Linux


GitKraken – Git GUI Client  We reached out to GitKraken, a Git GUI Client to learn more about their product. Lauren Goldfish who works for Axosoft and Sara Breeding, Director of Marketing at Axosoft helped me with the information. About GitKraken GitKraken is a stunningly beautiful cross-platform Git GUI client (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux). It’s version control software that works rapidly because changes are made to your repository locally. Push your changes to your remote repository when you and your team are ready. We take great pride in GitKraken’s…

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Jovo – Build Voice Apps for Alexa and Google Assistant with only one code base

Jovo tech

Jovo – Build Cross-Platform Voice Apps – Alexa Skills, Google Home & Google Assistant Featuring an interview with Jan König, Co-Founder of Jovo.Tech which enables you to build Voice Apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. What is Jovo? Jovo is the first open-source development framework for cross-platform apps that work on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Instead of having to build and maintain separate code bases, developers can now create one that works on both voice platforms. List some key features of Jovo Cross-platform development for Amazon Alexa…

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Rocro Code review,API documentation tool for better Software Development

Code Review Software

Rocro – Code Review tool, API Documentation Solution and Load Testing tool  We are pleased to feature an interview with Tomoaki Kobayakawa of Rocro Inc to learn more about their Software which aids in better Software Development. What is Rocro? Rocro is SaaS for software development, and helps software developers focus on their essential tasks through an array of services that contribute to work automation, simplification, and parallelization. List some of the prominent features of Rocro Rocro consists of 3 services: Inspecode: Automatic code review & code correction service Automatic code…

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