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Featuring interview with Larry Caretsky, President, Commence Corporation to learn more about Commence CRM Software.

Tell us about Commence and how has the CRM evolved over the years?

The product was original designed as a customizable program for contact management and sales, but has evolved into a complete solution for managing all front office operations. A central data base allows customers to capture, track, manage and share vital customer information with the people and departments that need it to efficiently do their jobs. Today, Commence CRM offers a comprehensive set of applications for account and contact management, sales, lead management, activity management, marketing, customer service and project management. A customer service portal has just been released.

What are the key features of Commence Desktop?

In addition to a cloud based CRM solution, Commence also offers a windows based desktop solution for companies that wish to manage and control their CRM system on premise. The desktop platform consist of a set of basic application for sales, marketing and customer service coupled with a development toolkit that enables the end user to completely tailor the applications to their specific requirements. The toolkit even enable them to create unique departmental applications quick and cost effectively.

What are the capabilities of Commence Cloud CRM?

The Commence CRM cloud platform offers functionality that rivals many enterprise level products costing much more.

The product is targeted at businesses that need more than basic cookie cutter CRM solutions can provide, but not the cost and complexity of enterprise level solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM or 

Applications are available for account and contact management, activity management, group calendaring, sales opportunity management, lead qualification, marketing campaign management, customer service help desk with ticketing and project management. Integration with e-mail is part of the solution and mobile access is provided at no additional cost.

How does Sales enablement programme benefit an organization?

Most small to mid-size businesses struggle with two mission critical components to building a successful sales organization.  First, creating a sales methodology or process by which they can manage each new sales opportunity from introduction to closure. Secondly, ensuring that their sales team has immediate access to the information they need to be successful during each stage of the sales cycle. This includes access to competitive information, customer testimonials, case studies, specification sheets, price guides or catalogs and other documentation that will ensure they can properly respond to customer or prospect inquiries as they occur.

It takes more than CRM software alone to ensure the success of your sales team. 

Commence Corporation has created a specific sales enablement program that couples our top rated CRM software with experienced sales professionals that help design a sales methodology and enable access to critical documents needed during the sales cycle.  This ensures that Commence customers realize the maximum value from our solution.

Commence CRM
Commence CRM Sales opportunity chart

What do you believe are the key expectations of customers in a CRM Software?

Customers seeking for a CRM solution today are focused on ease of use, affordability and quality customer service. The customer service component is key as more and more customers have realized that CRM software by itself won’t run your business, people do and they need the proper training and guidance to take full advantage of what the software can provide to the business.

What’s your pricing strategy?

For more than 20 years Commence has served the small to mid-size market with solutions that are functionality robust, easy to use, flexible, (allowing customers to customize the software without programmer intervention) and affordable.   Commence is considered a value play for SMB’s offering a nice mix of functionality and customer service at an affordable cost.  The solution cost more than basic out of the box solutions, but considerable less than enterprise level programs.

Commence crm
Commence CRM – Lead Management feature

Where’s Commence located and how has the city’s tech ecosystem benefit you?

Commence Corporation is headquartered in New Jersey, USA, and has distribution centers throughout North America, Europe and Australia.  The state of New Jersey has an active Technology Council that Commence takes part in. It offers a wealth of information to small, mid-size and large companies about advances in technology across numerous industries and provides a vehicle to introduce Commence CRM to the membership.  There are several hundred hundreds members of the NJ Technology Council.

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