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Ludlow – AI powered robot that automatically curates Newsletter content

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What is Ludlow?

On the surface – Ludlow lets you create and send a newsletter in minutes. It does this by suggesting articles for you based on selected topics and then automatically creating your newsletter. It’s a tool to increase lead generation for services businesses and it saves a ton of time.

Beneath the surface – Ludlow is a machine learning recommendation engine powered by users’ newsletter interactions. This aggregated data allows Ludlow’s recommendation engine to build user profiles, detect an audience’s interests, and adjust content to the individual. Ludlow’s recommendation engine offers marketers the ability to participate in direct marketing outside of traditional ad platforms and proprietary closed systems.

Newsletter Maker
Ludlow – Newsletter Maker powered by AI – Curates content for you

Give us some example on how Ludlow can be benefitial for creating Newsletters?

Say you’re in any services industry, a lawyer – it’s important to keep your clients abreast of all the changes in the industry, what new laws or regulations may impact your business, ludlow lets you easily search for this content, i.e. “Cryptocurrency Regulation SEC” and automatically populates the most relevant content. This means no more saving articles or looking for good content to include in your newsletters.

Or say you run a tech group in Los Angeles, you can search LA tech and the same thing happens, Ludlow automatically populates what’s relevant to your audience. The same can be said for real estate agents, marketing companies, etc…

As for the benefit of newsletters, it’s about being top of mind. If an attorney sends you interesting content weekly about the things you  care about, you’re more likely to go to that attorney, it builds trust. 

What integrations are available as of now?

At present we only integrate with Mailchimp as it makes up about 50% of the market, with the second competitor is constant contact with 12% market share, and we’re considering adding support down the line. For all the people not on mail chimp we allow all users to easily copy and paste html into their email software once they’re done editing their newsletters.

What’s your pricing strategy?

Monthly recurring fee of $19 or annual plan at $199, this may change in the future.

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Jace,CEO - Ludlow
Jace,CEO – Ludlow

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