Education is Wealth

We created as we love to learn about SaaS software and Enterprise solutions and presenting them to the world in the best possible way. These Entrepreneurs have contributed a lot to create a better world and we celeberate it through SPG.

We also have a mission to spread the “Value of Learning”. 

We live in a time when there’s so much distraction and pressure to make money. Hence, it is easy for an youngster or professional to get distracted from their main Education stream or professional to completely forget the importance of learning.

This page and every article we cover related to Books, Courses and interviews from academecians around the world reflect our mission to spread the greatness of Education. There are kids who quit schooling and some also leave College to launch a Startup. Not all can be successful ignoring basic college graduation. So we atleast want you to do an online course or join a distance learning programme to earn a degree. Students and Professionals who already have done a graduation must set their goals high by doing Post graduation and also aim for Phd.

Education may not directly reflect what you earn but it will make you a better human being as long as you believe that all the Education that you gain is to build both your Knowledge and Charecter.

Good luck and keep learning!

 Software Product Guide Team