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Fleep – Messaging and collaboration software

Featuring an interview with Nicola Rosenthal, CMO at Fleep to learn more about their team messaging app.

What is Fleep.io and how did you got the idea to create such a product?

Fleep combines messaging with baked-in lightweight collaboration tools. Unlike competitors, it works across multiple teams and organisations and integrates with any email client making it arguably the most flexible communication solution for any business.

Fleep is designed to radically improve the way you work with colleagues and partners by allowing you to organise all your projects and teams in one place while remaining focused on simplicity.

The idea came from ex Skypers who saw that businesses valued Skype because it set no limitations for working across company lines, but also saw it lacking in areas allowing for further collaboration. Fleep aims to combine the two, extending teams beyond the internal ones already in place in companies, and enabling simple and efficient collaboration tools.

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Team Messaging Software
Fleep – Team Messaging Software

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Fleep Messaging App
Fleep Messaging App – Admin panel

Several corporates and Startups continue to rely on email communication. How can Fleep benefit them?

Firstly, Fleep allows users to bring other non fleep users into the conversation via email. The conversation or chat will appear as a regular email thread to them. This means businesses wanting to create fast and simple communication between team members within their organisation can do so by signing up to Fleep. But, communication can also be easily extended beyond internal teams, to partners and services with whom they also need to connect and coordinate with on a regular basis.

Large corporates often try to be more like start-ups and become more nimble. They are currently among those adopting various forms of unified communication and collaboration tools in order to bring their teams closer together, improve the flexibility of their organisation, use time more efficiently and therefore drive business forward.

Fleep can benefit corporations by providing the basis for all of these through its core value proposition, messaging with baked-in lightweight collaboration tools.

Startups are generally more agile and eager to use state of the art technology in any way they can to reach their business goals. Due to the nature of small teams within
startups, they may be working with various free-lancers or other startups and want to easily integrate these into internal conversations. If their partners and external consultants aren’t all signed up to Fleep, they can be easily integrated into conversation via the email client they are accustomed to.

What’s your product management strategy?

Our product goals are derived from our product vision and these in turn influence our product roadmap. We work in cycles on different aspects from competitor differentiation and sustainable features to reducing churn and improving onboarding.

We also listen to and look for patterns in user feedback as this is often a key influencer of product goals.

We have recently launched Fleep for Business for example, in response to user requests and are working to ensure users recognise and leverage the value in this offering.

Tell us about User Experience design in Fleep.io

While we believe that the way in which teams work together is changing, we believe that the ways people are organised in groups or teams is also becoming more dynamic. Most of our competitors’ design approaches are based on the assumption that there is a pretty well defined team already in place. Our belief is that long term success will come from an approach where communication works easily and effectively across company lines. We strive to keep the interface and the tools as clean as possible to reduce the learning curve and so that anyone can understand and benefit from the value of Fleep.

What’s your pricing strategy?

We’ve recently launched Fleep for Business, our monthly subscription model. This combines all the functionality of Fleep with an additional administrative layer for companies who require it. Features such as centralized management and admin control over teams, conversations and accounts mean no more accidental history disclosures and no unauthorized configuration changes. These add clear value to business users.

Our basic model is freemium so we also offer a free version with less features. The free version is centered very much around open collaboration and democracy allowing all participants of conversations and teams to share, collaborate and edit tasks and pins and add new members to conversations at any time.

We are continually assessing options for the future such as pay for specific services and developments will be based on user needs, feedback and behaviour.

What’s unique about Fleep compared to Software’s in similar category?

What’s really unique is that Fleep is an open network as opposed to a walled garden. Its therefore ideal for team communication and collaboration across company lines and not just internally.

Also, Fleep interoperates with email, making it perfectly possible to have a Fleep conversations with other Fleep users and include email users simultaneously.

Fleep is focused on promoting human to human interaction without too many distractions. This is demonstrated by the way we handle notifications and will soon be handling reactions for example.

Fleep Founding team

Fleep founders
Fleep founders


Fleep App Team
Fleep App Team

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