GitKraken – Git GUI client for Windows, Mac, and Linux


GitKraken – Git GUI Client 

We reached out to GitKraken, a Git GUI Client to learn more about their product. Lauren Goldfish who works for Axosoft and Sara Breeding, Director of Marketing at Axosoft helped me with the information.

About GitKraken

GitKraken is a stunningly beautiful cross-platform Git GUI client (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux). It’s version control software that works rapidly because changes are made to your repository locally. Push your changes to your remote repository when you and your team are ready.

We take great pride in GitKraken’s graph—it’s design and structure create a beautiful, functional visual aid.

The graph clearly separates the branch/tag labels from their commit messages—with drag and drop functionality for multiple actions (merge, rebase, creating a pull request, and more). Branches consistently line up to illustrate your development process accurately and elegantly.

GitKraken Screenshot 1

GitKraken – Git GUI Client

Tell us about the key features of GitKraken

Examples of GitKraken’s functionality:

Visualization of branching, merging, and commit history
A resizable commit graph
Drag and drop to merge, rebase, reset, push, and more

Gitkraken functionality

We place the git tasks Undo, Redo, Pull, Push, Branch, Stash, and Pop front and center. Our Undo function allows you to take a step back to where you were before that (oops!) last action. Drag and drop one branch onto another to merge or create a pull request.


Built-in merge tool

The built-in merge tool (available in GitKraken Pro) is another feature that distinguishes this Git GUI client from competitors. If there’s a merge conflict, the merge tool will allow you to edit the merge output from within GitKraken.

GitKraken Enterprise

GitKraken Enterprise is available for companies who develop their code on their own servers, behind a firewall. Examples of companies that use this type of sequestered development environment include government agencies, financial institutions, and hospitals.

Super quick setup

A developer can set up GitKraken and get to work faster than you can say “Keif is the name of the Kraken”.

Here’s the process:

  1. Set up SSH with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket
  2. Clone your repo
  3. Get to work

GitKraken Promo Video

Learn how to use GitKraken

Get Startd with GitKraken

More information on GitKraken

Website – GitKraken

Twitter – Axosoft GitKraken

Facebook – GitKraken

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