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Featuring interview with Dave Spooner, Co-Founder of Innago

Tell us about Innago

Innago is Tenant and Property Management Software designed for small to mid-sized landlords.

List some of the best features of Innago?

We enable landlords to collect rent online, sign leases digitally, store documents online, accept maintenance requests, run screening reports (credit and background checks), and better communicate with their tenants. We also provide tenants their own dedicated login portal, giving them a more professional and accessible experience.

How benefitial is Innago for businesses.

Innago allows landlords and property managers to more simply manage their properties and streamline processes. Landlords can provide a more technologically driven, professional experience for their tenants, raising their tenant satisfaction and their market position.

Innago Dashboard


Innago Screenshot
Innago Screenshot

Who are the intended users for Innago?

Typically we work best with landlords that have anywhere from 1 unit to a few hundred. However, we can work effectively with landlords that have as many as 1000+

Share few words about User Experience design practice adopted by Innago team.

We focus our attention on always providing new features that are extremely simple, intuitive, and easy to use. We know that landlords don’t have time to learn a complex new system to manage their properties.

Tell us about your pricing strategy

Our system is free to use. We do not charge a monthly fee, yearly fee, setup fee, and we do not have a contract.

What trends do you expect to happen in the Property Management space in near future?

I expect the space to continue to grow. I also expect there to be an increased demand by tenants for a more technologically driven service.

Where is Innago located and how does the city’s Startup and tech ecosystem benefit you?

We’re based in Cincinnati. Cincy’s tech scene has been rapidly growing with a huge groundswell of support for entrepreneurs and innovators. Investors, advisers, and industry experts are incredibly receptive to lending a helpful hand and insight when needed.

More information about Innago

Website – Innago

Twitter – Innago Software

Facebook – Innago Software

Medium – Innago Blog

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