Jelastic Platform as a Service for Developers with Cross-Cloud Deployment

Jelastic – PaaS for developers with Cross-Cloud Deployment

Yulia Shevchenko of Jelastic, a DevOps PaaS and CaaS for internal development of ISVs and Hosting businesses provided us the following information about their product.

Tell us about Jelastic

Jelastic is a robust solution for the cloud market – hosting providers, enterprises and developers – combining the benefits of PaaS and CaaS in a single turnkey package. Its rich interface simplifies complex cloud deployments by automating the creation, scaling, clustering and security updates of microservices or monolithic applications.

Jelastic has a unique pay-for usage-only pricing model and is available as public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud in more than 55 data centers worldwide. The platform provides support of Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, .NET environments and custom Docker containers.

List some of the best features of Jelastic.

  • Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud deployments
    Support of microservices and legacy applications with zero code changes
    Automated continuous integration, delivery and upgrade processes
  • More than 50 certified containers out-of-the-box
    Managed multi-tenant Docker containers with full compatibility to native ecosystem
    Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling according to applications load
  • Superb developer web portal for easy provisioning, scaling and updating environments
    Open API, CLI and SSH access for deeper containers management
    Integration with Git, SVN & Continuous Integration services
  • Automated replication for application servers and databases
    Multi-cloud and multi-region management of workloads distribution and live migration
    Comprehensive billing engine, quotas and access control policies
    Built-in metering, monitoring and troubleshooting tools

Jelastic Screenshot 1

Auto Scaling in Jelastic Paas
Auto Scaling settings in Jelastic

Jelastic Screenshot 2

Docker containers in Jelastic CaaS
Docker containers in Jelastic

Jelastic Screenshot 3

Cloud Platform
Jelastic Cloud Platform Dashboard

How beneficial is Jelastic for developers and Enterprises?

The platform supports a wide range of programming languages (Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, .NET, Python), application servers, SQL and NoSQL databases and other software stacks, as well as Docker containers. Developers can deploy and run different applications with no code changes. The deployment can be performed fast and easily using GIT/SVN with automatic updates, archives (zip, war, ear) right from the dev panel or via integrated plugins like Maven, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA.

Within Jelastic developers just specify the maximum limit of resources for every instance and the system automatically allocates the needed amount scaling the resources vertically due to the load changes.

This lets pay only for the resources in use by the applications but not for the reserved amount.

A self-service portal with user-friendly UI includes intuitive application topology wizard, deployment manager, access to log and config files, marketplace with prepackaged applications and functionality for team collaboration. CLI and SSH Gateway are available for access to the containers. And integrated IDE plugins provide more options for application management: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans. Also, Jelastic API is open for automation of the processes.

The platform is available across 59 data centers in 28 countries, so developers can choose the most appropriate hosting provider in terms of performance, support, location and pricing. At the same time, they are not locked in, so can easily migrate from one provider to the other without any changes in the application environments.

For enterprises, full featured Jelastic PaaS can be installed as a private cloud on-premise or virtual private cloud on a license base.

There is a possibility to mix and match different infrastructure and cloud offerings within one cluster. Jelastic is compatible with different Cloud IaaS solutions (as Azure, Google Cloud, AWS) or can be installed on bare metal. So if required, the private cloud installation can be easily extended with external resources that are going to be managed within a single panel.

What is Jelastic Cloud Appliance?

There are appliances for hosting service providers and private cloud customers. These are bundles of Jelastic software on top of proven hardware vendor infrastructure (e.g. Packet, ProfitBricks, Google Cloud Platform, MS Azure, Maxihost etc). So the client can get a full package and start using it at once. For service providers there is also appliance with already integrated WHMCS billing system.

Who are the major clients using Jelastic?

Jelastic is installed by a wide range of hosting providers and telcos, among them are DataCenter Finland, Telecom Italia, eApps, Locaweb, PrimeTel, Layershift, Elastx, innofield and others. Also, Jelastic is used by system integrators and companies from different spheres (finance, software, sport, gaming etc.) like FA Solutions, The International Football Association Board, GMV, G5 Games, Miele and others.

Jelastic - Platform as a Service
Jelastic – Platform as a Service

Share some user reviews about Jalastic.

Control over our environment, not limited like other PaaS. Besides, Jelastic is easy to use, setup and maintain.

– Dotweblabs

Jelastic is definitely a powerful tool for teams and developers that want to concentrate on developing software and forget about server or cloud configuration. It’s just too simple to use Jelastic. And the documentation (if you need) is very good. Also, you can select your service provider, checking the cost, performance, support level, region and available free resources compared to other Jelastic hosters. Besides, Jelastic provides support of different technologies and service integrations. With Jelastic, you can easily scale your applications vertically and horizontally paying just for what you use.

– ezCare

There were three major reasons why we migrated to Jelastic:

Cost-efficient pricing model, when you pay only for what you use
Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling
Wide choice of stack templates in containers, that help us to set up our project environments in just a few minutes


It is PaaS:) with all benefits that come along with it. I don’t know if I should list them all, but for us, the most important thing is that we don’t need lots of DevOps to support production systems.
Compared to other PaaS solutions, it offers a lot of freedom (shell access to almost all configuration files of the platform, and many other possibilities). And if something is not available by default, we still can use a Docker image.
Extreme cost efficiency, especially if talking about low, medium and of course variable traffic loads.
We had not even a single outage for more than 2 years while using Jelastic

– ByteBrand

We are very satisfied with the overall deployment of Jelastic. The benefits that we realized are highly available environments, clustering, and failover coverage.

-Miele USA

What’s your pricing strategy?

Jelastic provides pay-as-you-use pricing model within public cloud. With automatic scaling customers don’t need to guess or predict the incoming load. The platform will automatically adjust the amount of allocated to environment resources (within the stated scaling diapason) according to its current requirements. And as a result, the payment is done only for really consumed resources but not for the reserved limits.

Resources are charged on hourly base: RAM and CPU (cloudlet resource unit), Disk space, External traffic, Public IP and SSL. The price for each resource unit depends on the chosen hosting provider and can be estimated on a monthly, daily or hourly base within dev panel. Cloud hosting expenses can be tracked and optimized using built-in billing details for whole account or specific application.

Private cloud installation is charged monthly on a license base per server.

Where is Jelastic located and how does the city’s Tech ecosystem benefit you?

Jelastic now has offices in the USA, Spain, and Ukraine. At the same time, Jelastic is available worldwide via cloud hosting providers, guaranteeing high performance and advanced availability from data centers in 28 countries. This lets cooperate with local tech communities in a variety of cities.

Jelastic DevOps video

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More information about Jelastic PaaS

Ruslan Synytsky
Ruslan Synytsky, CEO, Jelastic

Jelastic Address

Jelastic, Inc.
228 Hamilton Avenue, 3rd Floor
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Jelastic Software Categories

Platform as a Service provider, Public Cloud,Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Cloud hosting platform, Platform for developers, Application platform, Java hosting, and Containers management.

-Software Product Guide Team

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