Jovo – Build Voice Apps for Alexa and Google Assistant with only one code base

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Jovo – Build Cross-Platform Voice Apps – Alexa Skills, Google Home & Google Assistant

Featuring an interview with Jan König, Co-Founder of Jovo.Tech which enables you to build Voice Apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What is Jovo?

Jovo is the first open-source development framework for cross-platform apps that work on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Instead of having to build and maintain separate code bases, developers can now create one that works on both voice platforms.

List some key features of Jovo

Cross-platform development for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (Google Home)
Host your code either on AWS Lambda or on your own server
Easy local prototyping and debugging
Database and Analytics Integrations
Platform specific features like Echo Show Templates for Alexa, Suggestion Chips for Google Assistant
A lot of helpers like a Speech Builder and a User class to create more contextual voice user experiences

How can developers benefit from using Jovo? Provide some use cases.

Developers not only save a lot of time because they only have to learn and use one framework instead of the Alexa Skills Kit and the Actions on Google SDK, they also benefit from our prototyping features and integrations to build more complex voice applications.

What are the services you offer?

Besides our open-source framework, which is free to use for anyone, we are working with brands and agencies and create voice experiences for and with them. We also offer consulting services.

Give us some idea about the Voice app trend in 2018

We believe that this Christmas (and the weeks after) will be an inflection point for voice, because the newly introduced smart speakers all make perfect Christmas presents. Also, I’m really excited about voice as a platform “leaving the home”: There are now more and more smart earbuds and headphones that integrate with voice assistants and create the opportunity to experience voice outside and on the go.

Hows the demand for Voice app development?

There are a lot of people that are now starting to build for voice. It’s still early, but we can clearly see how excited people are about the topic and how the development skills are improving.

Some information about pricing

The Jovo Framework is completely free and open-source, but we’re working on an API as a layer on top of the framework, which will be a freemium service. It’s currently in private beta.

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Jan Konig
Jan Konig, Co-founder,Jovo Tech


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Alex Swetlow , Co-Founder,Jovo Tech

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