Nybbl – eCommerce software for Restaurants


Nybbl – eCommerce software for Restaurants

Featuring an interview with Nic Davies, CEO of Nybbl.

What is Nybbl?

Nybbl is an ecommerce platform that we built specifically for restaurants and cafes.

What are the best features of Nybbl?

The best features are the fully customisable storefront, which the restaurants can completely style their sites. Another feature is the various payment methods we have implemented, with more on the way.

What difference does Nybbl bring to a restaurant having a static website?

Nybbl was actually born from the frustration from not being able to order from local restaurant’s websites, as they only offered a phone number and a pdf menu. The reason that fast food pizza chains do so well is that they offer the ability to order online. It’s a massive sales channel that local, family-run restaurants don’t seem to tap in to.

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Restaurant eCommerce Software
Nybbly – Restaurant eCommerce Software

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Restaurant Software
Nybbl – Create Menus, Products and discounts.

Tell us about the User Experience principles adopted while building Nybbl.

We wanted to make it as simple as possible, running a restaurant is busy, hard work, therefore we didn’t want the restaurant managers or owners having to spend their time having to figure out how to, for example, accept paypal payments.

Every thing from the forms to the layouts of the dashboard is designed to get out of the way as quickly as possible.

Adding a new store for example, is as easy as entering the address, and that store is now available to order from on their storefront. We also separated the navigation into core components. Storefront settings which are for the menus, products, categories etc. Orders, for, well, orders and Admin, which contains all settings related to payments, storefront settings etc.

What’s your pricing strategy?

We’re currently playing around with our pricing model, but we want to keep it as cheap as logistically possible for the restaurants. Local, family-run restaurants don’t make too much profit, and so we offer a plan as low as £49, which contains basic features needed for an ecommerce store. Our highest priced plan is aimed more towards larger restaurants that need multiple stores, regions etc, and so we charge a little more for that.

Where’s Nybbl located and how has the city’s Startup and tech ecosystem benefit you?

We’re currently based in Swansea, Wales, our home country, but we’re spending time between Wales and Osijek, Croatia, the markets are similar in both countries, there’s a lot of family run restaurants that don’t offer any way to order online. The tech scene is really booming in both cities, lots of tech startups, especially in Osijek. There’s a lot of similarities in both cities, although culturally much different.

More information on Nybbl

Nic Davies, CEO Nybbl
Nic Davies, CEO Nybbl -eCommerce Software for Nybbl

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Twitter – Nybblco

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