MonkeyData Omnichannel Retail Analytics and Metrics for eCommerce business

Monkey Data Analytics

MonkeyData – Retail Analytics Software to grow your business Featuring an interview with Audrey Jones, Customer Happiness Specialist at MonkeyData to learn more about their Omnichannel retail analytics Software. Tell us about MonkeyData MonkeyData is the all-in-one analytics application helping retail & online businesses gain deep insights on all areas of their business. With more integrations than any other analytics platform in the world, MonkeyData provides clients with business optimization materials, and helps them understand their customers. After the one-click integration, the app allow clients to monitor their sales and marketing…

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Tidio Chat – Live Chat Solution

Tidio Chat

Tidio Chat – Free Live Chat Solution Interview featuring Tidio Live Chat Software Solution. What problems does Tidio solve? Tidio is a communicator tool (think live chat + more) allowing website’s owners (i.e. e-commerce) to communicate in real time with their visitors, providing immediate solutions to questions their visitors might encounter. List the prominent features of Tidio – Integrating live chat widget + Messenger queries + Emails in a singular dashboard; – Access via both mobile and desktop devices; – Automated messages sent without operator’s interference; – In a couple…

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Startup Runway – Cash planning and Financial forecasting tool for Startup founders

Cash planning tool – Cash planning tool, Financial forecasting tool for Startup founders Featuring an interview with Hyon Lee, Software Architect at Long Term Stock Exchange to learn more about Tell us about Startup Runway The Runway app, as the name suggests, is a free, visual tool to help you understand, manage and extend your cash runway. List few key features of Startup Runway In Runway, the user is able to create scenarios of their Runway (ex. best case vs worst case). In each scenario are expenses and income items organized by categories.…

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Rocro Code review,API documentation tool for better Software Development

Code Review Software

Rocro – Code Review tool, API Documentation Solution and Load Testing tool  We are pleased to feature an interview with Tomoaki Kobayakawa of Rocro Inc to learn more about their Software which aids in better Software Development. What is Rocro? Rocro is SaaS for software development, and helps software developers focus on their essential tasks through an array of services that contribute to work automation, simplification, and parallelization. List some of the prominent features of Rocro Rocro consists of 3 services: Inspecode: Automatic code review & code correction service Automatic code…

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Marketing Miner Data Mining tool for SEO Specialists

SEO Tool

Marketing Miner – Data Mining tool for Online Marketers, SEO Specialists SPG interviwed Filip CEO of Marketing Miner – Filip Podstavec to learn more about the SEO Software. What is Marketing Miner? Marketing Miner is data mining tool for SEO specialists. Our main purpose is bulk data processing from various sources like Google, Bing and many others. List some key features of Marketing Miner Our key features are: – Rank Tracking – Keyword research tools – Bulk search volume processing – Competition analysis – Monitoring Select couple of good features…

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Reamaze Helpdesk Software and Customer Communications Platform

Reamaze – Helpdesk Software  Reamaze co-founder, David Feng and his Customer Experience Guru were helpful in providing us detailed information about the Helpdesk Software. What is Reamaze? Reamaze is a helpdesk and customer communications platform designed from the ground up for modern businesses. What are the key functionalities of Remaze? The key functionalities of Reamaze revolve around facilitating better conversations between customers and customer service teams. These include features like embedded real time chat, automated proactive engagement, support tools for email, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), SMS/MMS, KB/FAQ, CRM, and automation…

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Kodiak Rating Supplier Relationship Management Software

Kodiak Rating

Kodiak Rating – Supplier Relationship Management Software SPG covered interview with Sam Jenks, Marketing & Communications Lead at Kodiak Rating. Tell us about Kodiak Rating. What problems does it solve? Kodiak Rating is a SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) SaaS built to ease strategic and responsible sourcing in a digital world. Our solution is provided via cloud-based services and includes complimentary mobile applications. As customer’s demands are increasing for products and brands to provide on promises of quality and sustainability, so are the demands being put on sourcing and purchasing teams.…

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BookSteam Appointment Scheduling Software with multiple locations and resource scheduling features

BookSteam – Online Appointment Scheduling Software Mark Borsi from The BookSteam Team answered us few questions. Tell us about Booksteam BookSteam is an online booking platform for small and enterprise level businesses. BookSteam offers online appointment and class scheduling services. List the prominent features of Booksteam BookSteam offers diverse feature base, such as, Multiple staff/ locations, calendar sync, resource scheduling, promotions and gift certificates, online payments, packages and more. How does Booksteam compare to other Software’s in Appointment Scheduling category? BookSteam offers all-in-one package, covering a lot of feature areas…

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Oracle OpenWorld: New Oracle Database 18c is the world’s first & only Autonomous Database, eliminating risk from human error

Autonomous Database

SPG IS following Oracle Openworld 2017 closely happening between October 1st to 5th. We have discovered some of the best Tweets from the participants and people who were excited about the happenings in Oracle OpenWorld 2017. Tweets with information and Photos on Oracle OpenWorld 2017 (All Tweets and photos courtesy of respective owners – Shall be removed if asked to.) 1. Chris Zhang Like all other jobs reinvented by #machinelearning, new job scope 4 #database professionals #automonousdatabase #oow17 2. Holger Mueller @larryellison Data theft will get much more worse –…

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It is easier to get a job learning Python 2: Zed A. Shaw, Author of Learn Python 3 the Hard Way

Zed A. Shaw, Author of Learn More Python 3 the Hard Way

We are honoured to feature Zed A. Shaw, Author of Tell us about how you started your career? I started to learn to code in my spare time while I was enlisted in the U.S. Army. I did some coding when I was younger but only for a brief period of time. I would say I have probably had a few careers, so my current career as an author started around 2010 when I wrote my first book. Tell us about your new book to learn Python 3 . My latest…

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Task Management and Time Tracking Software SPG Interview with Tom Cameron, Founder of  Tell us about is a productivity suite designed for small teams and freelancers. It comprises a minimal CRM combined with task management, time management and tracking and billing. How did you got this idea to have all the features – Project Management, Time tracking, Billing etc in one product? I have been working in or managing small businesses for over 25 years and none of the products I found on the market were practical for…

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Best Live Chat Software

Best Live Chat Software for Websites Embedding a Live Chat software is one of the best Customer Support Solution for Small Business, Corporates and Startups  1. Tidio Chat Product Guide – Tidio Chat – Live Chat Solution A simple and sleek Live Chat Software for websites. Tidio has everything in one product – Live Chat, Messenger and Email for you to easily communicate with your customers. Outbound messages can be sent automatically when ever a customer gets into any problems while ordering. You can also add new triggers and create unlimited actions.…

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When building a product don’t assume too many things on your own: Shyjal, Collect.Chat

Collect Chat

Featuring an interview on Product Management with Shyjal raazi of Collect.Chat  Tell us about Collect.Chat Collect chat is an interactive chat widget that collects data from website visitors by asking questions that are scripted – 24/7, fully on auto-pilot. Creator gets an email alert (or a web hook) when a visitor completes the question set.It’s like Intercom and Typeform packed into one intuitive widget. Anyone can build a chatbot and install it on websites with zero coding knowledge using’s simple dashboard. Some of our features are – Make user interactions…

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