Paperform – Online form builder with payment integration


Paperform – Online form builder with Payment integration

Most founder’s and Tech Entrepreneurs we reach out for an interview are too busy that they hardly take time to answer in detail.  The more precise and eloborate  the answers are the better it is for a prospect to take the right decision – Choosing the product. We strive to market SaaS and Enterprise IT solutions through story telling of your product and Startup.

This is the first interview on with detailed information by the Co-founder of Paperform

What is Paperform and what’s the need in the market to create such a product?

As we both came from tech backgrounds (Dean a web developer and Diony a project manager at Google), we had a number of friends and colleagues asking us to create bespoke forms for events and products that could take payments. We realised that there was nothing on the market for both mobile and desktop that was easy to use, beautiful, and customizable.

The friends who were approaching us already had strong local brands in place, and were really looking for something that could let their brand shine through and be fed to their audience as they saw fit. They wanted to take control, but needed help doing it. So, we started thinking about how we could make a form builder that’s ‘bespoke for everyone’, and Paperform was born.

Paperform is all about easily creating forms that embody your project or business, sharing those with your community, and taking payments without fuss.

We want to empower people to create forms that are truly theirs. While forms are very versatile, we find people especially love to use them for a form-landing page hybrid.

Paperform – Online form builder templates

The three core needs we meet are:

Branding: Other form builders dictate the flow and look of your forms much more than we do – they require text or question block sections, and have limited colour and font options. Because of this, it’s usually quite obvious to your users when your form is from one of our competitors – it feels like your provider’s’ brand and personality; Paperform provides you with a form that seamlessly looks and feels like it’s yours.

Speed and ease:Creating forms is often time consuming when it doesn’t have to be. Paperform is extremely fast for creating forms. Checkout the demo video on our homepage (

We offer a great form experience on both mobile and desktop:

Current solutions don’t have a great desktop experience for published forms for many use cases. They restrict the way end-users engage with your questions, information, and products – we let you create a form that is viewed holistically on desktop, and converts well to mobile.

List the key features of Paperform

Our key features are:

Aesthetically customize forms using: rich formatting, many image options, and video embeds. 
Embedding forms on site, as Pop-ups, and as Embeds.

Conditional logic, including connecting your Payment gateways – Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal Business.

Take payments for products, donations, simple pricing, and subscription payments
Customizable email responses

Calculations – both scoring and pricing.
Webhooks and app integration with Zapier

Paperform – Beautiful form builder for your website and eCommerce business

What’s your product management strategy?

We’re a Sydney based startup that launched successfully last December, and have been continuing to build our product and brand: We are proudly Australian, bootstrapped, and human. Being human means we have a user-forward approach to our product – as founders we place a massive emphasis on knowing our users as personally as we can.

We spend more time on support than other startups would, and this has been invaluable for developing a product our users want, and for building trust. We plan product development based on feedback, requests, and feature use, but also ensure we have a clear vision of the overall product before making any decisions. We don’t include a feature just because it’s requested, but usually demand is quite clear based on feedback.

We also do a lot of research into the psychology behind forms and engagement/sales to ensure we’re providing features that will help our customers achieve their goals.

We tend to move quite quickly and like to release features and updates almost on a weekly basis.

 Tell us about User Experience design in Paperform

Creating on Paperform isn’t like a typical form builder. Our forms are part of larger page, that can be edited with custom text and images, as well as questions. As such creating a form is much closer to writing a doc than the drag and drop UI of most other form builders.

This makes creating forms on Paperform very quick and intuitive. Because of this, our forms aren’t this cold standalone set of questions to be worked through, they can be surrounded with engaging and relevant copy and themed to match the brand of it’s creator. There’s a big assumption out there that web forms are purely administrational, boring, data vacuums. If you really want meaningful data or to make a sale, forms shouldn’t be any of those things.

We actually describe Paperform’s as “landing forms” because of this intersection of narrative content and data capture.

Our mantra is that “Paperform empowers you to create forms as beautiful as you,” not just because the forms have unrivaled code-free customization, but because our users can embody their brand and vision in their web forms. Creating a Paperform from scratch forces you to evaluate what you’re really about as a brand, and allows you to convey that.

One of our favourite customer quotes is Paperform being described as having “this subtle way of ‘hiding’ the form elements. It’s like I’m reading this narrative about a product, watching a couple of images about it and suddenly in the next paragraph, there’s a couple of checkboxes. My mind naturally perceives that these are part of the narrative and I might as well check a few boxes while I’m at it so that I can continue on with the content.” A.Fairiz (Recite Lab Founder)

What’s your pricing strategy?

We’re a Software as a Service business, and we have quite a simple subscription pricing strategy, with a referral and not for profit program.


(note that all plans have two months free with annual billing)

$15/month Starter

$39/month Pro

$99/month Agency (5+ users additional cost)

NPO/Charity: Pay what you can Pro ($1 minimum/month) & 50% off Agency. We have a referral program where you earn 10% off cumulative for every referral (so 10 referrals is a free account)

What’s unique about Paperform compared to products in similar category?

Paperform allows users to quickly and easily create highly customizable forms that take payments, and are easy for their customers and communities to complete on mobile or desktop. There isn’t anything currently on the market that delivers all these attributes in one hit, and Paperform hits all of these out of the park.

It’s easy and fast to use, beautiful, and yours.

We don’t see ourselves as direct competitors as we’re offering something quite different:

Paperform allows you to create forms like a doc, by simply typing free-text, adding questions with logic, and adding payment/donation fields, etc. You literally type directly onto the page and insert fields, making it super fast. Forms are part of a larger page that can be formatted to your liking, and shared and integrated in various ways (including through Zapier, social media, email, and embedding).

The Agency plan also allows you to add users/clients and set permissions accordingly, which is great for web dev/design.

Australian Startup
Dean and Diony, Founders of Australian Startup – Paperform

Where is your Startup situated and how does the City’s ecosystem benefit you?

We’re based in Sydney, Australia. Around 70% of our customers are based in the USA, and we’ve had amazing support from American businesses from the beginning (Zapier, AppSumo, Stripe).

So, we have never been heavily engrained in the local startup scene, although we like to stay connected with what’s happening locally and communicate with the local startup community. The city’s Inner West has loads of brilliant cafes, restaurants, walks, parks, events, and is not too far from the beach.

Sydney is quite a relaxed and sun-filled place, so we’ve been able to work really hard and still take small breaks regularly to get revive and gain perspective.

We’ve appreciated not being in a Silicon Valley environment – we feel that there’s a lot of pressure on startups to be the next unicorn, which can often end in being burnt out. We’re not looking to be a unicorn, we’re looking to be a business that grows sustainably and moves in to profit sooner rather than later.

Paperform Videos

Paperform Zapier integration

More information on Paperform

Website – Paperform

Facebook – Paperform

Twitter – PaperformCo

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