Roguelytics: On-page Analytics for those without a Ph.D in Data Science

Roguelytics Web Analytics tool

Roguelytics: On-page web analytics to interpret real-time user behaviour and activity

We reached out to Roguelytics to learn more about their product. Rachel Geraci of the New York based Web analytics Startup helped us with the following information.

Tell us about Roguelytics.

Roguelytics is areal-time on-page analytics platform for companies and business users that don’t have a PhD in Data Science. Roguelytics provides meaningful business insights to decision makers from opaque web data.

What is the need in the market for such a solution?

Right now if a business owner purchases analytics to solve their problems, we immediately throw a big problem right in the middle, which is learning HOW to use the analytics. It’s a substantial problem to overcome but once you overcome that, it’s a phenomenal tool.

We developed Roguelytics because we believe analytics should require no technical skill and should be capable of achieving simple business endeavors and insights, not JUST number crunching.

We wanted to make analytics friendly, that come from a different place – a place that owes its inspiration to small businesses people who are short on time, need answers quickly but are thoughtful. We built a platform with average business users in mind, one that’s more communicative and gets straight to the point in answering fundamental questions. Within an instant, users know if they’re doing better today than they did yesterday, how to maximize their time and budgets, and are equipped with the tools to understand, track, forecast, and interpret user behavior and activity.That’s the future of analytics – analytics for the rest of us.


Roguelytics – Web Analytics Software

List some of the best features of Roguelytics

Unlike other platforms, Roguelytics does not require users to login to separate portal to track their data – everything is on-page and in real-time. Additionally by simplifying the data with our top-line on-page consumer dashboard our analytics provides clarity and simple metrics so customers can quickly make accurate business decisions rather than second-guessing if they’re understanding or interpreting the metrics correctly.

Another incredibly insightful tool is our path navigation and playback feature in which customers can follow individual users while they are on their website.

This feature can be invaluable in learninghow users navigate and where they fall off or get stuck. Our customers can easily identify usability issues by watching recordings of real visitors as they click, tap, type and navigate across pages.Knowing how users navigate and behave as well as where they go next, allow our customers to maximize their advertising dollars as well as validate any A/B testing they’re doing on separate platforms and social media sites.

Roguelytics – Analytics tool for your Website

How beneficial is Roguelytics for a Startup and corporate.

For years, we consistently saw investors, CEO’s, Harvard Grads, etc. all struggled to answer the simple question of “how are we [the platform/business/website] doing today”. A majority of platforms on the market are unable to easily answer basic questions about the performance of a website or allow users to simply infer an answer with a basic insight.

Roguelytics emphasizes structuring data to gain meaningful business insights from opaque web data, particularly for startups looking to raise capital & c-suite executives who need answers in an instant. 

Whether you’re a startup or General Motors, analytics are a fundamental building block for growth and understanding your users. The last thing startups or large enterprises should be doing is second-guessing if their interruptingtheir web data are correct.

Roguelytics is designed so that anyone within an organization can answer key questions quickly without having a PH.D in Data Science.

Our biggest benefit is that we built Roguelytics knowing both startups and c-suite folks don’t have time to go digging around for basic answers – and they shouldn’t have to. Roguelytics takes the heavy lifting of analyzes website data and user behavior in real-time by providing actionable insights so that businesses can focus on what they do best.

Who are the intended users of Roguelytics?

Small to medium size businesses with an online presence and moderate to high web traffic. Roguelytics was also built with developers in-mind by providing multiple testing environments so developers can create, build, andtest without interfering with any of their live sites.

Tell us about your pricing strategy.

Our pricing model is simple and affordable for every business or startup. Our plans start at $25/month with three months of historical data or $75/month for one year of historical data plus additional features. We have enterprise plans available for companies with higher volume and need custom development.

Where is Roguelytics located and how does the city’s Startup and tech ecosystem benefit you?

We are located in New York City and Philadelphia, PA. Both cities are wonderfully diverse in offering opportunities to meet new clients, companies, and experts in the analytics/data industry. We mainly enjoy the numerous opportunities to speak at developer networking events as well as conferences that frequently occur in both cities.

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