Satelytics – Big data analytics for oil & gas, pipeline, power and water

Satelytics – Big data analytics software

Featuring an interview with Dan Paquette, Digital Content Coordinator at Satelytics, a big data tool that allows you to monitor your assets on the ground.

Tell us about Satelytics.

Satelytics is a big data analytics software-as-a-service. We take in large volumes of multi and hyperspectral imagery—often terabytes—from satellite or aerial sources, run them through complex processing algorithms on our cloud-based platform, and render the data into dashboards, charts, tables, maps, and insights that businesses can use to make operational decisions. Imagery sources can include satellite, nano-satellite, drone/UAV, plane, or fixed/persistent platforms. Satelytics helps organizations in the industries we serve to better direct their resources, avoid risk, and minimize consequences.

List some of the best features of Satelytics.

Satelytics uses the science of remote sensing to allow us to uncover data on constituents, biological contaminants, and other qualities in satellite or aerial imagery—often down to parts per billion. We can detect phosphorus and phycocyanin—indicators of harmful algae blooms in large bodies of water—, heavy metals, sediment, oil spills on land and water, and changes across multiple dates such as new construction, landslides, erosion, vegetation growth, and more.

satelytics Colorado River
Farmland cut into the sands around the ColoradoRiver as seen via satellite.

How can the oil & gas and power industries benefit by using Satelytics?

In February of 2017, we became the first ever commercial platform for remote methane detection. Using satellite and aerial imagery, we can detect a natural gas leak in high enough resolutions to identify the individual upstream well pads and midstream pipelines responsible. We can also detect oil leaks on land and water, and numerous encroachments along pipeline and electrical right-of-ways including land movements, construction and vehicle encroachments, downed pylons, vegetation overgrowth, and more.

Who are the major clients using Satelytics?

We have a number of clients applying Satelytics in the field today including BP, Marathon, Black and Veatch, The Nature Conservancy, and American Electric Power.

What’s your pricing strategy?

Right now, we provide a very unique product in the marketplace, so we tried to build our pricing comparatively to how organizations are currently trying to solve these problems; only we’re able to perform many of the same tasks with far higher degrees of certainty and accuracy. We also have upstream costs that we don’t necessarily control, like the cost of aerial or satellite imagery.

Where is Satelytics located and how does the city’s tech ecosystem benefit you?

Satelytics is located in Toledo, Ohio. Being so close to Marathon’s headquarters and the Great Lakes, there’s tremendous oil & gas and environmental knowledge here that we’ve been able to tap into, but with a growing programming and technology talent pool to supplement. Combined with an affordable cost of living, proximity to major metropolitan areas and international airports, a favorable venture capital outlook, and the remote nature of our business, Toledo makes sense.

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Satelytics Address

1510 N. Westwood Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43606

Satelytics Team

Sean Donegan

Chief Executive Officer

John Zhou

Chief Technology Officer

Charlie Curl

Vice President of Business Development

Ben Trumbull

Chief Financial Officer

Allan Adams

Director of Science & Professional Services

Gail Nader

Operations Manager

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More information about Satelytics

PrNewsWire – Satelytics Introduces World’s First Commercially Available Methane Detection Software-as-a-Service

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