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Website Visitors Behaviour

An intelligent assistant that understands customer frustration

What is SessionCam?

SessionCam is the easiest way to identify and solve user experience and conversion rate issues. It is an intelligent assistant that understands customer frustration and reveals the most valuable insights in your website visitors’ behavior. It unlocks new opportunities for growth while saving you time and money.

List some of the key features of SessionCam

Say hello to behavioral analytics

Instantly uncover points of frustration thanks to the Customer Struggle score

Your website’s biggest issues and opportunities for growth automatically revealed through machine-learning. The higher the score, the greater the struggle.

Sessioncam screenshots – Customer Struggle Score

Don’t rely on guesswork – see exactly what your website visitors see and do with Session Replay

Watch how customers interact with your website including mouse movement, clicks, form input, scrolling, mobile gestures and dynamic Ajax interactions.

Unlock more revenue with Error Reporting

You don’t have time to tag every type of error that visitors encounter. SessionCam exposes your most costly error messages impacting the user experience.

Key Journeys surfaces the most valuable routes through your website with zero effort

Automatically reveal your most important routes to conversion and see how traffic flows outside your conversion funnels.

Understand your website’s most pressing conversion, frustration and traffic issues at a glance

Opportunities shows you emerging issues, giving you an instant and automatically updated overview of your website’s user experience health so you can take action and stop issues in their tracks.

Analyze the most popular paths to conversion on your website

How can the Customer Struggle score help you?

 The Customer Struggle score algorithm is trained to understand your customers’ behavior. It takes into account hundreds of different behavioral indicators including clicks, taps, scroll distance, scroll velocity, dwell time and time on page, as well as the influence of browser events and device types.

Customer Struggle is scored between 0 and 5. The higher the number, the greater the level of visitor frustration. It’s an at-a-glance way of determining which areas you should focus your attention on and where changes will bear the most fruit. Think of the Customer Struggle score as a signpost to improving conversion rates.

What SessionCam clients say…

“SessionCam is easy to implement, very secure, priced appropriately and the support is good. I didn’t need to look at other solutions.”

– Ed Longley, Group Head of Ecommerce, Trade Direct Insurance Services

“SessionCam is the only tool that never gets questioned when it comes to renewal time. It’s seen as an  absolute godsend in the business.”

– Vicky Brentnall, Digital Channel Manager, Ageas Retail Limited

Sessioncam Web Analytics
Sessioncam Web analytics Customers

“Being able to watch what real people do – seeing where they dwell or struggle, or abandon a purchase – teaches us so much about our customers’ psychology. You can’t get that from standard analytics.”

– Matthew Curry, Head of Ecommerce, Lovehoney

“Users were double-clicking a payment button which was causing some sessions to break. It was thanks  to SessionCam that we were able to identify this and increase conversion rates.”

– Oliver Mallich, User Experience Manager, Hiscox

“Google Analytics shows you what but not why. SessionCam gives you both. You can quickly cross-reference qualitative and quantitative data to reveal exactly what is going on so you can find out why it’s going on.”

– David Whitehead, Head of UX,

Sessioncam Heatmaps
Visualize the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ areas of engagement on your website

Why SessionCam?

If any of the below goals sound familiar, then SessionCam is the intelligent assistant you need to optimize your website:

Maximize revenue

Your most costly user experience issues are brought to your attention immediately by our machine-learning algorithms.

Increase conversion rates

Make it easier for visitors to find what they want and identify touch points through the customer journey to reduce basket abandonment.

Optimize your website design

Fix the buttons, error messages and design frustrations preventing visitors from converting.

Save hours in data analysis time

Increase your team’s productivity by reducing the amount of time taken to find your most costly website issues from days to minutes.

Improve the customer experience

Develop a more informed approach to website optimization that keeps your visitors engaged and conversion rates high.

What marketing tools does SessionCam integrate with?

Your existing marketing analytics stack will be enhanced by SessionCam thanks to a wide range of integrations including with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Qubit, Oracle Maxymiser and Optimizely. Custom variables such as multi-variant test codes can be passed into SessionCam and our API gives you a real-time data feed of visitor data recorded from your website.

Tell us about product enhancements. What’s your Product Management process?

SessionCam’s product development process  

Our efforts don’t stop when a new feature is released: We work with customers prior to a public launch through our beta forums. We have ongoing conversations with users through workshops, road-map calls, masterclasses and one-on-one support to make sure our product is aligned with your goals.

What’s your pricing strategy? 

Find the best plan for you and discover our suite of increasingly intelligent features on our plan’s page

Plans range from free to custom packages to suit your needs.

Starter – Free
Small Business – $50
Enterprise – On Request

 Where’s SessionCam located?

Founded in 2009, SessionCam pioneered session replay and has built on that expertise to create a behavioral analytics suite, powered by advanced machine-learning algorithms. The company is headquartered in Norwich, in the heart of the UK’s Eastern tech corridor.

SessionCam Video

Video explaining Conversion Funnles feature in SessionCam

Video on SessionCam error reporting

More information on SessionCam

SessionCam Team

Kevin Goodings,Founder & CEO

Richard Churchill, Founding Director & Chief Product Officer

Paul Yallop, Founding Director and Chief Sales Officer


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