Six principles of UX Design – Anton Mircea

Anton Mircea

SoftwareProductGuide.Com will also feature professionals from Tech industry in “Enlightened Experience”. Here’s our first interview with a London based UX Design Consultant, Anton Mircea.

Tell us about yourself

I am a UX designer living in London, I have a multidisciplinary skill set that integrates creative knowledge with technical and business expertise. I master the best and most current design tools in the industry alongside having a strong understanding of and ability to perceive human nature and human behavior. I’m a critical thinker with an open mind, a communicator and a facilitator.

I’ve successfully delivered and managed more than 50+ Digital projects ranging from Web & mobile apps, CRM platforms, CMS based Corporate websites, and large eCommerce.

All are at the highest standard of execution and represent some of the leading companies in the industry.

How did you start your career in UX Design?

I started my career in UX design 10 years ago, when I redesigned an online portal for events photography. I already had experience in graphic design but that was my first UI/UX project. I still remember to this day that we had to design with sprites in mind and there was no such thing as responsive web. It was quite tricky to coherently create an experience across a complex platform that also had a CMS, but in the end we managed to pull through and the platform became one of the leading business in the market.

HSBC UX Design

 HSBC UX Design
One of the project Anton was involved in HSBC UX Design

IMGGOLF Website Design

imggolf website design Website design project

Describe in detail about your best work

A project that I’m really found of is the work that I’ve done for HSBC while I was a senior UX designer with Heath Wallace. I was part of a large UX team that redesigned the public website and the online platforms of one the biggest banks in the world. I was quite lucky that I got the chance to work on all areas of UX on that project, from research to interaction design, IA and usability testing.

ux design process
UX Design process followed by Anton Mircea

What principles do you follow in any UX Design process

My design process is split in 6 steps,

1. Learn

Gain knowledge of users, context, technologies, gather user data, research competitive products, conduct interviews and filed studies.

2. Explore

Build user profiles on gathered data, produce materials that will aid the outlining of the project, site maps, content inventories, screen flows, navigation models, task flows, user journeys, scenarios.

3. Select

Evaluate, test, and select wireframe concepts for prototype development.

4. Develop

Create design specifications and evolve concept/ wireframes into full design solution.

5. Refine

Evaluate design with stakeholders to obtain feedback and conduct usability testing.

6. Deliver

Complete design and produce deliverables.

Good Luck Anton

More information from official website –

Clients: Willis Towers Watson, HSBC, BT, Channel 4, Oracle, IMG, RWC, UEFA

Agencies: Heath Wallace, MOI, Burn, Uber Digital, Mccann Erickson

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Principles of UX Design
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