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Zenkit – Project Management Software

We reached out to Zenkit,a Project Management Software and team collaboration tool. Patrick and Eric provided the following information.

Tell us about Zenkit and what was the need in the market for such a product?

There is a wide range of available tools for project management that all serve different purposes (like eg. Trello (Kanban Board), Scapple (Mind Map) etc.) But what if you want to use many tools in one go? That is where Zenkit comes in. Zenkit combines all your favorite data views in one tool so there are no more switching costs between project management tools and you don´t need to train all your teammates on 5 different tools.

List some of the best features of Zenkit?

Our most popular features are the Kanban view, the mind map view and probably our new Google calendar integration, which we´ve launched recently.

How beneficial is Zenkit for an organization?

Very beneficial. Zenkit provides a huge benefit to organizations that like a lean approach to project management. Zenkit is easy to use and understand, can be integrated with over 750+ apps via Zapier and starts out with a free, basic version with which you can already start working more efficiently from day one.

How can one build a CRM using Zenkit?

Open up a new collection in table view. Define the columns with Name, Company, Contact information, social media profile, and any other type of information you’d like to track, and then fill in the data. If you want to find someone later, simply search for your contact or company and start connecting.

Tell us about your Product Management process & UX Design practice at Zenkit?

At Zenkit, we believe that communication with the customer is vital. We actively engage our users and search for people that are having problems that we might be able to solve. When the users provide us with feedback, we try to directly incorporate that into both product development and the UX design. Actively managing feedback is important to prioritizing feature development.

Tell us about your pricing strategy?

Our pricing strategy is based on a freemium model. The basic account already includes everything you need to start organizing your tasks effectively. Once a user works with a bigger team and therefore requires more storage space, he/she can upgrade to “Plus”. With “Plus” you pay $9 per person, can work with a team of up to 20 people, and get 5GB attachment space.

Scaling even more? Then you can upgrade to “Business”. With Business you pay $29 per month per user and can work with unlimited team-members and 20 GB attachment space. Also, users have the opportunity to request a quote for our “Enterprise” version, which can be custom tailored to your need and specifications.

Zenkit Screenshot 1

Simple task list
Simple Task List in Zenkit

Zenkit Screenshot 2

A visual view. Kanban in Zenkit

Zenkit Screenshot 3

Zenkit Screenshots
Zenkit Screenshots – Build ship

Zenkit Screenshot 4

Zenkit Task Management
Zenkit – Sort, aggregate, and work with formulas in an intuitive way using table view in Zenkit

Zenkit Screenshot 5

Zenkit Mindmap
Zenkit Mindmap – See ideas differently, brainstorm effectively, and make connections.

Germany Startup Quotes

Karlsruhe, Germany
Germany Tech Startup Quotes

Where is Zenkit located and how does the city´s Startup and tech ecosystem benefit you?

Zenkit was created by Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH, a privately held software vendor located in Karlsruhe and founded by Martin Welker in 2003. Karlsruhe has a thriving tech ecosystem, with two technology-focused universities, a lot of large tech organizations in the area, and strong support for founders and entrepreneurs. In particular, organizations like the CyberForum and StartUpsKA support startups through networking events, competitions and business support.

Zenkit Video

Zenkit introduction 

Detailed video on how you can make use of Zenkit for better Project Management

Zenkit Team in Karlsruhe, Germany

Startups in Karlsruhe, Germany
Zenkit Team

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Twitter – ZenkitHQ

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